Zoom Aloha Arrangement
Zoom Aloha Arrangement
Zoom Aloha Arrangement

Aloha Arrangement

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Gift the essence of a tropical oasis with bold and vibrant exotic blooms and leaves, transporting the recipient to sun drenched beaches and balmy breezes. Cheaper than a plane ticket!

Aloha-the giving and receiving of positive energy to everything and everyone, a way of showing connection and reverence. 'To learn what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable' -the late Queen Lil'uokalani

Designed in our studio with love, our arrangements combine fresh seasonal flowers and foliage arranged in a glass or ceramic vessel. In our ongoing efforts to create a more sustainable product, all of our designs are floral foam free.

*large size shown in image

Please Note: Our flower availability changes with the seasons and we always strive to incorporate as many locally grown blooms as are available. Each arrangement is unique and will differ from images shown.


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